22nd International Riversymposium | 20-24 October 2019

Why attend the 22nd International Riversymposium? 

Riversymposium is a unique global forum for river managers, policy developers, scientists, consultants, students, NGOs, indigenous and community organisations and business and industry representatives to collaborate to improve the sustainable management of river basins all over the world. 

  • Hear how global leaders transforming their rivers into resilient rivers. 
  • Learn how the Riverprize Alumni implement and achieve best practice. You’ll hear from the 2019 International Riverprize finalists and winner – ask how they did it! 
  • Discover how river leaders are driving new policy and programs to build river resilience 
  • Transform your knowledge to solutions and strategies that will work and can be applied to your river or waterways
  • This event is a unique opportunity to enhance network with river professionals, leaders and industry partners 
  • Inspire each other with our stories of success, challenges and celebration. 
  • Participate in interactive Learn-Inspire-Transform breakout sessions that are focused on sharing solutions. 
  • Attending Riversymposium as a group facilitates team building, capacity and inspiration in teams. 
  • Optional study tours 

Reinventing River Management

River resilience is the capacity of our rivers and communities to recover from disturbances, like extreme weather events, to a healthy state. The road to resilience is a complex journey with the interdependence of environmental, social and economic outcomes and a new paradigm in managing our rivers is needed. 

Website: https://riversymposium.com/2019-riversymposium/

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