Flood disasters are the most frequent natural disasters causing the most serious economic losses in the world. It is an important task for all countries to strengthen integrated flood risk management and reduce flood disaster losses and impacts. Through management and research by several generations, China has made remarkable achievements in flood control and disaster reduction. In order to share the latest achievements and experience in flood management in China and the rest of the world, and to better cope with the impacts of flood on the sustainable development of the human society in the future, we plan to hold the “International Forum on Flood Management”.

The forum is scheduled to be held on the morning of October 19 at the EMPARK GRAND HOTEL in Beijing. We plan to invite about 80 representatives to the forum to exchange innovative ideas and practical experience in flood management. The representatives include the leaders of the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR), leaders of local water resources administration, and domestic and foreign experts and scholars.

Website: http://fm2018.iwhr.com/45?lang=en

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